Meet Chelsea

So, back in 2003, I sure did like to write my name a lot.  And, I mean a lot.  I guess I was practicing for when this blog got me famous and I’d have to sign millions of autographs.  Or, maybe I was just really into myself.  Regardless, the following are taken from one page (yes, just one page) of a workbook from my junior year of high school.

From the top: backwards name, all caps name and supa-angular name.

This was in between a bunch of my autographs.  For the few of you who can’t decipher the above (and, really, what is wrong with you? I wrote it out very clearly…), it says: “Leave this space blank!”

I don’t even know what that first one is…The second one proves just how proud I was that I could write my name backwards (and upside down!)…and I apologize to bubble-letter-writers everywhere for that third monstrosity.

A real signature? Wow, I’m moving on up.  And, that curly thing…tres chic.  The next sample seems to indicate that I have turned into some sort of robot.

And, finally, what we’ve all been waiting for: tOgGlE tExT.  The second sample is pretty obvious, but take a closer look at the first one.  I’m alternating between print and script.  What could this mean?  What kind of message am I attempting to send to those around me?  It’s so…cryptic.

By the way, I’m Chelsea.  Did I mention that already?


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2 Responses to “Meet Chelsea”

  1. laurenelizabethhh Says:

    i write my name a hundred times a day, and most of them end up being like this. I can totally understand the sickness of writing your name a million different ways. thanks for checking out my blog.

    : )

  2. Chelsea Says:

    The sad thing is, even after writing this blog and realizing that I clearly had a problem, I had to stop myself from writing my name on my doodle page today…several times. Haha…I guess it’s just one of those acceptable addictions…

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