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Longings of a Bible school student

September 29, 2008

Many of my drawings were from my time at Bible school.  As a student, there were certain things that I longed for, perhaps subconsciously.  These subconscious wants occasionally showed up in my drawings.

As a student, I was not allowed to have a television in my room.  On this day, I apparently wanted to watch Lassie or some other show involving a badly drawn boy and his unrecognizable dog-like animal.  However, not being able to watch TV for two years has caused me to forgo almost all television altogether (except Lost, The Office and 30 Rock).  This leaves me with much more time being productive…writing blog entries about my horrendous drawings.

In this, I am expressing an unknown desire to down scribbly martinis.  I say this is an unknown desire because I hate the taste of pretty much all alcoholic beverages and would never actually pay for or drink a martini.  I also dislike olives.

And, here, I am obviously longing for ice cream.  Ice cream wasn’t prohibited at my school (I’m not a cult member…yeesh); I was just too poor to buy it.


DIY commentary

September 28, 2008

Sunday is the day of rest.  So, I think I’ll just post a picture and you can write your own commentary.

Adventures in plagiarism

September 27, 2008

I have always loved writing.  At a young age, I would create “books” out of construction paper with amusing drawings and ridiculous misspellings.  The problem with many of these writings is my shameless plagiarism.  Most was unintentional; I was just so inspired by certain stories that I felt the need to almost copy them directly.  With some pieces, however, I knew exactly what I was doing.

In the past, I have written:

  • The Pokey Little Puppy and the Bear, which uses characters and ideas pulled from The Pokey Little Puppy series.
  • A poem about horses that directly quotes two lines from a song I heard on Allegra’s Window.
  • A book about a girl named Brianna and an orphan foal that ends up being called “Brianna’s Miracle.”  Thoroughbred book series, anyone?
  • A book so entrenched in A Wrinkle in Time, I was never able to come up with a real plot other than some unicorns that appeared.
  • A comic strip series about a toothbrush that was most certainly stolen from Timmy the Tooth.

              Which brings us to our piece today.  Yesterday, I mentioned the Little Miss series.  A counterpart to that book/video series was the Mr. Men series.  My best friend and I were fascinated by these in the fourth and fifth grade.  Perhaps that’s how I came up with this gem.

              Meet Mr. Silly, a character I created in the fourth grade and redrew in my class notes last year for some reason.  Mr. Silly doesn’t seem to be copying off of anything…I mean, what professional would create something so hideous?  However, take a look at this.

              Yes, it all seems to fit.  My need to write “new” books.  My rabid fascination with the Mr. Men series.  Although my character looks nothing like their Mr. Silly, I assure you, I was ripping them off subconsciously.

              Which, now that I think about it, is so, so sad on so many levels.

              Meet Chelsea

              September 24, 2008

              So, back in 2003, I sure did like to write my name a lot.  And, I mean a lot.  I guess I was practicing for when this blog got me famous and I’d have to sign millions of autographs.  Or, maybe I was just really into myself.  Regardless, the following are taken from one page (yes, just one page) of a workbook from my junior year of high school.

              From the top: backwards name, all caps name and supa-angular name.

              This was in between a bunch of my autographs.  For the few of you who can’t decipher the above (and, really, what is wrong with you? I wrote it out very clearly…), it says: “Leave this space blank!”

              I don’t even know what that first one is…The second one proves just how proud I was that I could write my name backwards (and upside down!)…and I apologize to bubble-letter-writers everywhere for that third monstrosity.

              A real signature? Wow, I’m moving on up.  And, that curly thing…tres chic.  The next sample seems to indicate that I have turned into some sort of robot.

              And, finally, what we’ve all been waiting for: tOgGlE tExT.  The second sample is pretty obvious, but take a closer look at the first one.  I’m alternating between print and script.  What could this mean?  What kind of message am I attempting to send to those around me?  It’s so…cryptic.

              By the way, I’m Chelsea.  Did I mention that already?